Main image for post: winter driving tips with Tim

With the winter months often comes more treacherous driving conditions so cartime Tim has come up with a set of trusty winter driving tips to help keep us safe on the roads during winter.

1. Be prepared

The Girl Guides motto really rings true when it comes to winter driving. Ensuring your windscreen is clean and clear and your anti-freeze windscreen washer is topped up is essential. Checking tyres have adequate tread and wiper blades aren’t damaged are also important.

2. Emergency Kit

It’s a good idea to have an emergency kit in your car, just in case you get into difficulty. Your kit should contain blankets/warm clothes, first aid kit, shovel, torch, ice scraper and de-icer, jump start cables, sunglasses, mobile phone charger and food and drink.

3. Beware of the snow

If your area is liable to heavy snow fall, investing in winter tyres or chains is a good idea. Clear all snow from the car before setting off, including the roof – failure to do this can result in the snow falling from the roof onto your windscreen, effectively making you blind.

4. Drive safe on ice

Ice is particularly difficult to drive on, especially black ice as it’s hard to spot. Use your brakes, gears and steering delicately and if you do begin to skid, stay calm and steer into the skid.

Above all, be sensible on the roads. Only make essential journeys and reduce your speed accordingly. And remember, breaking distances can increase by up to 10 times in snow or icy conditions so keep your wits about you.