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As the winter sets in, there are plenty of good reasons to look for some great winter Audi finance deals and treat yourself to a new car.

The colder weather means more old cars will fail to start in the morning or break down on the open road - and you might just want a more modern car with better internal heating and defrost settings for the early morning commute.

Even if your car is reliable, poor weather conditions mean you're more likely to find yourself parked up in a traffic jam, so make the most of it by investing in a car that you're happy to spend some time sitting in.

Finally, while not all journeys will be disrupted, many motorists will still be spending more time at the wheel driving around the country for Christmas shopping or to visit relatives - so again, give yourself a vehicle that's worthy of your time.

Best Audi Finance Deals

Our winter Audi finance deals offer excellent value on some already great value vehicles, combined with the benefits of saving on price by buying pre-owned cars that are still in fantastic condition.

We aim to offer some of the best Audi finance deals on the market, whether you choose to buy a vehicle from around the £20,000 mark or look up towards the top end of the range closer to £50,000.

Spreading the cost of a purchase over several months can make even top-end models much more affordable and is a common way to buy a used Audi these days - and as we'll see below, it doesn't have to mean paying extra in interest charges.

Types of Audi Finance Deals

Depending on your circumstances and the particular car you want to buy, there may be several types of Audi finance deals available to you.

Hire purchase usually means putting down a deposit of about 10% the value of the car, and then paying for the remainder in monthly instalments over 1-5 years.

With interest-free hire purchase plans available, this doesn't necessarily mean paying any extra for your Audi, but it's a great way to spread the cost.

In comparison, Personal Contract Purchase or PCP works on a same basic principle, but with lower monthly payments.

Under PCP, once your contract is up, there will usually be a certain amount of value left in the car - and you can either pay off the balance to own it outright, or hand it back at no further cost.

Both methods are popular options and suit different circumstances and personal preferences, and if you're not sure which types of Audi finance deals suit you best, feel free to ask one of our team for more information.

Last of all, look out for our deals that include a Finance Deposit Contribution, which cartime are happy to make on some of our best vehicles.

By covering a specified amount of the deposit for you - typically around the £500 mark - we hope to make the initial payment even more comfortable for you, so that you can benefit from the long-term advantages of hire purchase or PCP.