Main image for post: Volkswagen squashes the VW Beetle - what are the best used VW cars now?

Following the news that Volkswagen are to end production of the VW Beetle, we decided to take a look at the best used VW cars - but first, what went wrong with the iconic Bug?

The Beetle dates back to 1938, making 2018 its 80th anniversary year. It was designed to be easy to repair, capable of cruising on the Autobahn, and to offer good fuel economy.

Many enthusiasts would say that it kept these core features throughout the eight decades since, but some critics of the model argue that it has failed to evolve, with a very limited choice of body styles available.

So if the Beetle isn't your first choice of used VW cars in 2018, what are the alternatives? Here's our pick of the best used VW models currently available, as well as some alternatives from other manufacturers.

The best used VW cars in 2018

First of all, you really can't go wrong with a used VW Golf. In fact it's two years since we made the VW Golf our Car of the Month, partly because of how it took the crown from the Beetle as VW's most popular model.

The VW Golf Mk1 was unveiled in 1974 and Volkswagen have continued to develop it with each new generation so that, unlike the Bug, it has remained a good contemporary option.

We also love used VW Polos for their great value, again offering excellent fuel economy and with some quality 'one careful owner' examples that will set you back well under £10,000.

Alternatives to the VW Beetle

If you want quality used cars that work as alternatives to the VW Beetle, but still have plenty of personality of their own, it's worth looking at manufacturers other than Volkswagen.

That doesn't mean compromising on the distinctive curved roofline or squat stance of the Volkswagen Beetle, as it's something you can find elsewhere on the market from other space-saving and economy-friendly models by manufacturers like Mini and Fiat.

Modern used Minis

During the same years in which the Bug's popularity has waned, the Mini has gone from strength to strength, and the variety of used Mini car models available shows just how the brand has diversified.

Countryman, Cooper, Paceman and Hatch all add up to a full range, rather than just a single body type, without losing the iconic body shape and styling of the original Mini.

Funky used Fiat 500s

A used Fiat 500 is also a great quirky option with a Beetle-like body shell, and we often have used Fiat 500s with low mileage and good fuel economy - but they do move fast!

If you're on the lookout for a used Fiat 500 in good condition, keep an eye on our latest listings and buy one quickly when it comes in, as it's an economical and appealing model that is always quickly back out of the gates.

We only select the best used Minis and Fiats for our forecourt - anything inferior goes to auction - so look out for new listings and make sure you book a test drive promptly if something catches your eye.