Main image for post: cartime Presents... The UK's Top 5 Best Driving Roads

The very best driving roads, right on your doorstep

Great Britain is renowned for many great things; Big Ben, bad weather and a good old full English breakfast. But we do offer so much more than just beans and bangers… The UK is home to some truly great driving roads.

A quick Google search for the best driving roads brings up endless destinations that stretch to all corners of the globe. From Florida’s Seven Mile Bridge to mountains in Morocco, the photographs say it all – but to actually get to these locations, you’d soon rack up some serious air miles.

For the ultimate driving experience that’s right on your doorstep, look no further. The team here at your favourite used car supermarket have compiled a list of the coolest and best roads to drive on, right here on home turf.  Ladies and gents, we give you the UK’s top five best driving roads.

5. Cheddar Gorge, The West Country 

Ah, check out the Gorge above, in all its glory. Beginning on the B3135, just east of the village of Cheddar, from the driver’s seat you face a 14-mile stretch of Somerset countryside. With the famous limestone gorge rising up on either side, expect rocky cliff faces and tight, twisty bends for the first four miles.

As you exit the gorge, rocks turn to trees and the tight turns loosen up, making way for long, leisurely, sweeping bends. Extra cool points for sticking with the Cheddar-y theme, and turning up your cheesiest driving playlist.

best driving roads

4. Black Mountain Pass, Wales

The A4069 has been hailed as possibly the best road in Wales – and we all know Wales is renowned for its fantastic scenic routes. Connecting Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen and Llandovery, the journey takes you over the imposing Black Mountain, located in the westernmost range of the Brecon Beacons.

The road is not for the faint-hearted, featuring sudden hairpins and ascending to an impressive height of 493m (1,617ft) above sea level. It’s actually worth taking your car for a service before you head for this route, just to make sure it’s in ship shape. Beware of high winds and stray sheep – it’s not uncommon for them to wander into your path on the Pass.

 best driving roads

3. The EVO Triangle, Wales

Staying in Wales, the A543 and A5 combined earnt this affectionate nickname from EVO Magazine years ago. It’s regarded as one of the best routes for testing both car and driver, regularly featuring on EVO’s famous pages.

The route awards those put to the test with breath-taking scenery, as you pass by the Llyn Brenig Lake and through the village of Cerrigydrudion. It’s a seriously cool set of roads that many petrolheads will have heard of, or indeed read about, but few are lucky enough to have driven.

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2. The Buttertubs Pass, Yorkshire

Heading north now, to the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. At just 5 ½ miles long, this short C road has everything required for a monumental drive. With steep up-hill climbs, come the rapid descents, complete with hair-raising hairpin turns. If the road itself isn’t enough (trust us, it will be) the dramatic scenery is unrivalled.

It gets its moniker from local legend – people say that Ye Olde farmers would use the limestone potholes in the rocks to store butter on the way to market. This drive is so good, even Jeremy Clarkson has labelled it “England’s only truly spectacular road”.

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1. Glasgow to Fort William, Scotland

The A48 serves as the primary route taking you from Lowland Scotland to the western Scottish Highlands, from Glasgow to Fort William and Inverness. Keep your eyes peeled for Nessie as you pass the famous Loch, and further on you’ll pass the stunning shores of Loch Lomand – all the while in the shadow of the mighty Ben Nevis.

At around 161 miles, the road is no mean feat - but it’ll probably be the best four hour run you’ve had in a long while. The sheer length of the road, its frequent twists and turns, the stunning location and exhilarating mountain air all make for a cracking combination, meaning this is most definitely one of the coolest roads in Britain.

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