Main image for post: It’s Winter Service Time!

With winter well and truly upon us, we take a look at just a few of the reasons it’s so important to properly service your car. The colder weather can cause lots of problems for cars, many of which can be avoided with a little TLCC (that’s tender loving car care). If in doubt, pop in to our car service centre – our comprehensive service packages will keep all bases covered.

Beat bad battery health

In winter, your car battery should be your first priority – battery-related problems are the biggest reason for call-outs, according to recovery companies. The cold temperatures reduce the battery’s output, and using lights, wipers and the heater and blower all simultaneously place it under additional strain.

If you’ve not driven for a while, or have driven only very short distances, your battery may need recharging. They also effectively have a life of just five years, so it’s important to get yours checked out and replaced if necessary. Our Gold Service offers a complete battery health check and report, so you can drive away knowing your battery is up for battling the elements!

Oil, coolant and filter checks

Outside temperatures influence the engine’s internal temperature, so it’s important to use to correct oil for the conditions outdoors. When temperatures dip below freezing, it’s better to switch over to thinner, less viscous oil. Don’t forget to check your coolant levels too – these are not just to keep your car from overheating, but to protect against engine corrosion. Each vehicle requires a certain ratio of coolant to water, so it’s not just a case of ‘topping it up’ with antifreeze: visit our car service centre, where a technician will ensure that your ratio is winter-ready.

Now for your filters. Your car has many types of filter, including one for engine air, cabin air and fuel. Each prevents dust and debris from entering the engine or car – old filters can reduce engine power, increase engine wear and decrease throttle response when accelerating. Driving in snow and sleet, plus the extra salt on roads can clog filters quickly. Our Platinum Service package includes a full oil and filter service, and all your car’s filters will be changed for you at no extra cost, so your car will drive like a dream, even when snowflakes fall.

Belt up – both ways!

Your seatbelts aren’t the only ones to remember in winter. A service is also a great time to ensure the fan belt and alternator drive belts are tight and not worn; to work efficiently they should be in good condition and secure - our Diamond Service even includes a timing belt replacement.

Don’t forget tyre depth

Cold and rain bring hazardous driving conditions – for safe driving, your tyres need adequate tread. It’s recommended that you check your tyre pressure every two weeks, and any damage such as splits and bulges should be dealt with.

If you live somewhere that gets regular snow, winter tyres are an option – these give you greater traction and control. Legally, the required tread depth is 1.6mm, but 3mm gives the best grip in snow, slush and ice. Each of our service packages offers a tyre depth report, where our technicians will advise on whether or not new tyres might be required.

If your car is in need of a winter service, pay us a visit to our car service centre. If you need any more information, call one of the team on 0161 764 3290 – we’ll be only too happy to help.