Main image for post: Iconic Audi TT is our November 2017 Car of the Month

Here at cartime we love an iconic car and the Audi TT is one that often feels like it's been around for even longer than it actually has.

The Audi TT Mk1 was launched in 1998, and as it nears its 20th anniversary, we decided to stay ahead of the curve and make it our November 2017 Car of the Month.

For nearly two decades the Audi TT has been available as a two-seater roadster and as a 2+2 Coupe, with Mk2 launched in 2006 and Mk3 in production since 2014.

But its heritage stretches back well before its initial production run - over a century, in fact.

The origins of Audi TT

You might wonder what does Audi TT stand for? It's a good question - and the official answer isn't anything like 'Twin Turbo' or some other engine-related term, so it might come as a surprise.

In fact the Audi TT is named after the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, which means it stands for 'Tourist Trophy'. So why name a sports car after a motorcycle race?

You have to look back 110 years to 1907 for the answer, as this is when the motoring marque NSU first competed in the Isle of Man TT, a company that later became part of modern-day Audi.

NSU used 'TT' in model names in the 1960s too, while the modern-day Audi TT line-up includes several 'quattro' models, an Audi trademark for their four-wheel drive cars since 1980.

Audi TT in 2017

The Audi TT line-up continues to go from strength to strength, and the start of 2017 saw the launch of the Audi TT TDI quattro Coupe for the UK market, combining the torque of the TDI edition with all-wheel drive.

Acceleration on the new model is faster than in its front-wheel drive 'ultra' predecessor, with the Coupe hitting 62 mph in 6.7 seconds and the Roadster getting there in 7.0 seconds, both around 0.3-0.4 seconds faster than the ultra.

Top speeds of 145 mph and 142 mph respectively from a 184 PS engine with 380 Nm of torque and a six-speed twin-clutch transmission sum up the energy and agility of the 2017 Audi TT TDI quattro, and show why this is a line that is very likely to continue in production well beyond its 20th year.

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The Audi TT Mk3 launched in 2014 and the Mk2 in 2006, and with over a decade in production the two generations combined account for most of the current crop of used Audi TTs.

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