Main image for post: The enduring appeal of the BMW 3 Series

It's been a market leader for decades, our Car of the Month in the past, and Richard Hammond has referred to it as potentially "the best car ever made" - so what keeps us coming back to the BMW 3 Series like an old friend?

Somebody once said you'll have lots of 'best' friends in life, but your true best friend is the person who's always there for you, and the 3 Series feels a bit like that sometimes, still offering the same great combination of excitement and reliability even as other manufacturers' latest big models come and go.

The aesthetic has changed slightly over the years, but a 3 Series BMW is as instantly recognisable now as it ever was, while under the bonnet, continual engine upgrades and improvements have kept the range relevant so that it is still very much a contemporary car.

Beemers for dreamers

The BMW 3 Series is a driver's dream come true, with confident rear-wheel drive and suspension as smooth as syrup all helping to make it feel as agile as you could want, with that 'stuck to the road' feeling of safety.

Handling is responsive without being twitchy, but still exciting, and there's no denying the feeling of power that accompanies every phase of acceleration, whether your foot is flat down or not.

And that really is part of the appeal - you don't have to go flat out for a 3 Series BMW to give you an exciting driving experience, making it an excellent choice for anyone who drives regularly for business or leisure alike.

Decades on top

The 3 Series has been going strong for over 40 years and shows no signs of fading just yet - in fact the Coupe and Convertible 4 Series models are direct descendants of the 3 Series, so arguably just another generation of this all-conquering model.

New BMWs still sold with the 3 Series name represent the sixth generation, while even more aerodynamic and powerful versions can be found under the M3 brand.

With plenty of variety over the years, there are plenty of used BMW 3 Series cars to choose from, and we work hard to source the very best examples of the model from recent years, often with only one previous owner and very low mileage on the clock.

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