Main image for post: 5 reasons the Audi A1 should be on your shopping list

At prices starting from just £7,000, there's one very clear reason why a used Audi A1 should be on your shopping list, and that's the amazing value for money when you opt for a slightly older model.

Even on a newer used Audi A1 - just one year old - you can get high-spec models for around £17,000, and when you buy from cartime, you also benefit from our in-depth mechanical checks and guarantees.

But if that's not enough, here are five more reasons to buy a used Audi A1 from cartime.

1. Plenty of choice

At cartime we have used Audi A1 models from 2011 right up to the most recent used cars on the market, all at prices to suit their age, mileage and other characteristics.

Everything is rigorously checked and any maintenance and repairs made before it's allowed into our stock, allowing you to buy a used Audi A1 with the peace of mind of the cartime guarantee.

2. Good things in small packages

The Audi A1 is hardly 'small' but it is definitely compact and sporty, with the kind of specifications you might normally expect from a much larger car.

In a three-door A1 you get Audi's most compact car of all, yet it offers luxury touches like DAB radio, air conditioning and rear parking sensors, all helping to make your drive more comfortable and potentially safer too.

3. Keeping in trim

The different trim levels help you to know what to expect - and to know what value you're getting when you buy a used Audi A1 SE, Sport or S Line, for instance.

Different trims affect things like the size of the tyres, the suspension type, the type of bulb in the front headlights and even the polish on the exhaust pipes, giving you even more options to choose a used Audi A1 that really represents your driving style.

4. Fire up the quattro

Audi are famed for their all-wheel drive quattro technology, and the A1 is no different, distributing the acceleration between all four wheels for better grip no matter what the road conditions may be.

This gives an agility boost on clean roads, with a safety-conscious responsiveness on slippery surfaces due to rain, ice or loose gravel, so that if one tyre loses grip, the power is sent elsewhere to keep the car on the straight and narrow.

5. No new diesel car tax

New diesel cars have come under fire by the UK government in 2018, with an additional car tax on new models based on their emissions levels - but many people don't realise that this does not apply to used diesel cars.

When you buy a used Audi A1 diesel, you don't have to pay the additional tax, but you still get fuel economy of around 50% better than on a petrol version - which, at well over 50 mpg for petrol and 70-80 mpg for diesel, really makes either 'flavour' of Audi A1 an economical option in the long run.