Main image for post: Make the most of a cartime test drive

At cartime we're more than happy to give you the chance to take our quality used cars out for a test drive, so you can see for yourself how our 62-point mechanical check gets them running at their best.

Every car gets the same treatment, whether it's a used Citroen or Ford, right up to some of the most desirable used BMWs, Audis and even the occasional Rolls-Royce.

That means we have nothing to hide when it comes to driving any of our best value used cars in stock - we just ask you to let us know in advance, if possible, when you want to take a specific car out for a spin.

Book a test drive at cartime

First of all, let's deal with the admin of booking a test drive at cartime - and you'll see on any of our in-stock used car listings on the website, there's an option at the side to request a test drive.

We'll give you a call back to arrange the best day and time for you, and we'll make sure the car is all ready to go when you get here, so it's worth giving us the advance warning if you can.

If you've got a shortlist of two or three cars from our current stock, let us know, as there may be time for you to drive more than one during your visit so you've got a direct basis for comparison.

And if you only have a general idea of what you want, that's fine too, as we're perfectly happy to suggest one of our best used BMWs or used Audis for you to drive, out of whatever we currently have in stock.

Should I bring a passenger on a test drive?

It's a point of personal preference, and some people prefer to go it alone when buying a used car, so you can focus on what matters to you without the distraction of a back-seat driver.

But if you will often have somebody with you, it's sensible to bring someone along. The experience of being a passenger in a vehicle can be very different from being the driver, especially in the back seat, so you might find a second opinion in this case gives you a completely original point of view on the car.

You might even want to go so far as to plan a route so you don't end up driving round the block for an hour. It's easy to find cartime on Google Maps and if you're not familiar with the area, just ask and we can give you some ideas of where to go for realistic driving conditions.

Try something new

While we're not advocating time-wasting at all, a test drive is a great chance to be aspirational - so if you've got two used Audis in mind, for example, don't be afraid to take the more expensive one out to test.

You might find you fall in love with a used car that's a little newer or higher spec than you expected - and with our great used car finance deals, your budget will stretch further than you might think.