Main image for post: Five reasons to choose a used Audi for summer driving

Most drivers would be more than happy for their next car to be an Audi, so if you're planning a road trip while the sun is shining, what are the features in favour of choosing a used Audi for summer driving?

Here's our pick of five of the best reasons to make your Summer car a great-value used Audi and enjoy everything this ever-popular marque has to offer.

1. A full range

More than most, a used Audi gives you plenty to choose from, whether you go for a A1 to A7 in nearly-new condition, a sleek Audi S8, the gutsy Audi Q3 or the sporty Audi TT.

This wide range of saloons and sporty hatchbacks gives you plenty of choice on price too - a typical used Audi can range in price anywhere from around £7,000 for an older model, to upwards of £30,000 for a recent edition with fewer miles on the clock.

2. Proven reliability

You don't want to waste your summer waiting for the manufacturer to deliver a brand new car off the production line, and with a used Audi you get the best of both worlds.

Drive it away the same day, but safe in the knowledge that it has already proved its reliability, whether over just a few miles or over a longer distance in its lifetime so far, with our 62-point mechanical check to give you even more peace of mind that it can handle the heat of the summer season.

3. Built-in sat-nav

This is not unique to Audi, but you'll find it especially on the newer models and if you're not great at navigating, it's worth looking for an Audi with built-in sat-nav.

Audi is the brand of Vorsprung durch Technik - 'Advancement through Technology' - and it's the little things like an Audi with built-in sat-nav that can take the stress out of a summer drive, and help you find your way home if you've taken the scenic route.

4. Cabriolet cool

Check 'Convertible' on our 'Body Type' filter to search only for used Audi Cabriolets available to drive away today, and you could be enjoying some top-down driving in the sun before the weather has a chance to change.

Again, used Audi Cabriolets offer choice and value, with prices starting from around the £14,000 mark but also some amazing examples just a few years old with about 25,000 miles on the clock, if you go just a bit higher to around £17,000.

5. Summer of sport

There's a sporty summer coming up, with the World Cup Final taking place in Russia on July 15th, the Silverstone Grand Prix on July 8th and Wimbledon spanning the two from July 2nd-15th.

So why not opt for one of the sportier Audis, like the aerodynamic Audi TT, or the adventurous Q3 which always looks ready to go? You'll have a lot of fun out on the roads by yourself or with friends and family, and your great-quality used Audi will get you home in time for those defining moments in sport this summer.