Main image for post: Car In For a Service? You Could Drive a Ferrari for a Day!

cartime is all about offering customers a new way to buy a used-car. For us, that involves improving your car-buying experience by making it a little bit special. This extends to our very own on-site Car Service Centre, where we’ve had a great idea that involves giving something back to our customers.

How does driving around town in a gleaming, white Ferrari sound? For a lucky-select few, it was the dream come true – as we provided the stunning set of wheels as a courtesy car for the day.

Emblazoned with the cartime logo, the car is vinyl-wrapped and looks seriously cool. The 458 Spider does 0-60mph in just over 3 seconds, and we couldn’t possibly tell you the top speed – we don’t want to give you ideas! Nestled under the bonnet is a howling 562bhp V8 engine, and it’s a convertible model, so you can really feel the wind in your hair when you put your foot down in your courtesy car.

Taking the car in for a service is normally seen as a hassle, and even an annoyance. But not at cartime! We were delighted to see some very happy, very excited customers. But why take our word for it? We got the whole thing on video, which you can check out over on our Ferrari courtesy car page.

Steve, from nearby Bolton, dropped into cartime to bring his car in for a service. When he realised what he was driving away in he was overjoyed and said “This is crazy! They can keep my car in for service for as long as they want!”

Whether you bought your car from us or not, it really doesn’t matter, we’ll look after your car and make sure it’s in tip-top condition with our competitively-priced packages, and also provide a courtesy car completely free of charge. You never know… You might even get the chance to take the Ferrari for a spin!