Main image for post: Biggest causes of in-car bust ups revealed

If you’re amongst the thousands of Brits who are hitting the road for the May Bank Holiday and school half term you may be bracing yourselves for the regular in-car family arguments that undoubtedly occur.

In fact, the findings of a new study we recently carried out have revealed that car journeys are THE most common time we argue with loves ones outside of the home.

But what are main reasons for the disagreements? The top 10 according to our poll of 1,000 adults are:

1. Getting lost

2. Bad driving habits such as speeding/sharp breaking/shouting at other drivers.

3. Back seat driving – passengers giving direction on how to drive or where to go

4. Men ogling other women while in the car

5. General argument – an issue coming to a head because you’re in a confined space

6. Being late – because either setting off late in the first place – through ‘faffing around’/forgetting something – or traffic / wrong turns

7. Children’s behaviour and noise in the back seat

8. Music – playing it too loud or choice of music

9. Over the heat in the car – too hot or too cold

10. Needing to stop too many times

Managing Director, Matt Kay, said: “I have experienced many stressful car journeys myself, so I can definitely sympathise here! Bank holiday traffic seems to get worse each year, and it seems driving to our holiday can literally drive us mad.

“The combination of being cramped in a confined space and navigating our way to an unknown destination magnifies issues, but it is still shocking to discover quite how bad things can get.

“It was interesting to discover that, even though more people are using Sat Navs, there is still so much tension caused by getting directions wrong. But then we’ve probably all been in a car when the driver even argues with the Sat Nav – believing that they know best!”