Main image for post: 5 reasons to buy a used car in autumn

You know summer is officially over when the clocks go back and a sunny day is a surprise rather than the standard - but there are some excellent reasons to buy a used car in autumn, with a fresh crop of top-quality used cars all ready for the harvest.

Here are five reasons to buy a used car in autumn that actually make this one of the best times of year to think about buying a new used car.

1. The 68 plate

The newly released 68 plate was only just issued in September and while it will take some time for used 68-plate cars to start arriving in used car showrooms, we've already had some 18-plate stock in incredible condition.

You can make huge savings on cars that were only registered in March-September of this year, including some with less than 100 miles on the clock - the kinds of mileage you might see clocked up even just during delivery.

2. Don't be late

Road conditions can be challenging as autumn turns into winter, whether it's heavy rain that leaves standing water, mud on rural roads, icy urban side streets or snow and slush accumulation.

A used car, especially one that is only a year or two old, gives you some of the most modern suspension and handling, without paying the full on-the-road price for a brand new model from the manufacturer, helping you to reach your destination safely and on time, whatever the weather.

3. Beat the cold

Falling temperatures are bad news for old cars, as they can cause all manner of problems, both inside and out. The big sign that you've got a problem is if the car won't start on a cold morning, but all sorts of other things can go wrong as cold oil thickens in the engine.

Meanwhile on the inside, older cars just aren't built for the same kind of comfort as a modern model with heated seats, zonal air conditioning and fast-defrost windscreens and mirrors - all of which you can get at great value on a quality used car.

4. New for old

Remember if you do have an old car that's past its best, you can still part-exchange it to get an even better price on your new one - so if it's still a runner, don't just scrap it.

If you're falling out of love with your old motor as you gradually realise it's not very comfortable on a cold, wet or dark day, part-exchange is an excellent way to release the value from it and give it a new lease of life with its next owner too.

5. Fresh and clean

Last but not least, the cartime prep process means every car in our showroom and on our forecourt is not just mechanically sound, but completely cleaned inside and out too, giving it a showroom shine and freshly washed interiors.

With the murky days of late autumn and the winter months still to come, this is the perfect way to give yourself a fresh set of wheels and a clean, comfortable place of refuge when you're out on the roads.