Ferrari for a Courtesy Car? Only at cartime!

A New Way to Get Your Car Serviced

At cartime, we’re proud to offer a new way to buy used cars, and for us that means making your customer experience that little bit special. This extends to our on-site Car Service Centre – where not only do we provide a range of great-value servicing packages from skilled, experienced mechanics, we also offer you a free courtesy car while you wait, so you won’t ever be stuck without wheels.

Then, the cartime team decided to take it up a gear. We put our heads together to think of a way to make your courtesy car not only free, but fun too. And what’s more fun than a Ferrari? We thought what better way to give something back to our customers than providing a top-spec Ferrari 458 as a courtesy car for the day. And that’s right, it was still completely free.

Zip Around in a Ferrari 458

By simply bringing their used cars down to our Car Service Centre, a select few customers were lucky enough to find out. The gleaming, white Ferrari 458 Spider is a true supercar, capable of doing 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds, thanks to its growling V8 engine nestled under the hood. It’s a convertible model too, so our customers can feel the wind in their hair when they’re driving their free courtesy car!

When the Ferrari 458 rolled round the corner of cartime’s forecourt, our customers were visibly shocked. Fortunately, this supercar is renowned for being relatively easy to drive; with smooth handling and near-perfect steering. After a little practice, each or our drivers was overjoyed – but why take our word for it? Check out the video and see for yourselves.

Used-Car Dealership with a Difference

You’ll know by now that cartime likes to do things a little differently, and we know that it’s all in the service… Quite literally, in this case! If your car is in need of a service, bring it down to cartime. Whether you bought it from us or not, it really doesn’t matter, at our Car Service Centre we’ll look after your car and make sure it’s in tip-top condition. We’ll also provide a courtesy car for your convenience, entirely for free. You might even get the chance to take the Ferrari for a spin!