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Summer’s here… And so are our best tips for buying a used car

So, the sun has got his hat on. Hip, hip, hip, hooray. And car supermarkets across the UK are busy and bustling - it seems everyone gets the bug for buying a used car when summer’s on its way. (We didn’t mean to make that rhyme, honestly.)

Buying a car is typically the second most expensive purchase any person makes (after their home!) and so such an important decision should be well-researched. As the mercury rises, motorists looking to buy their next model should keep in mind these handy tips to buying a used car this summer.

First, always determine your budget

As a general rule, calculate what you can afford by deciding a figure that’s no more that 25% of your monthly household income. This sum should include the monthly car loan plus car insurance and running costs.

Then, narrow down your list

This is the fun part! There’s probably been a few used cars that have caught your eye already -  start by researching those to see what you can realistically afford. If you browse on our website, cartime listings also give you info on the car’s features, so you can learn a little more about the model too.

Next, check out your finance options

Getting a great car finance deal is easier than ever before. Got good credit? You’re in luck – you’ll be a lot more likely to get 0% finance and low monthly payments. We’re currently offering both, plus a 5-month payment holiday. That means you can buy now and pay nothing at all until summer’s been and gone. You could even spend that cash on a real holiday!

Never rush the test drive

Now that you've done all your research, you are ready to visit your chosen dealership for a test-drive. Call in advance and make an appointment to guarantee a ride in the car of your dreams.

When you’re parked, take extra time to adjust the seats and experiment with the controls. Make sure you’re comfortable and that there will be room for any kit (or kids!) you’d normally bring along for the ride. Parent or golfer? Measure your pram or clubs to make sure they’ll fit in the boot!'s director Matt Kay says: "Better yet, bring them down! We always encourage totally natural test drives, so bring your whole life if you need to!"

And lastly, enjoy your new used car!

If you’re thinking of buying a used car this summer, give us a call on 0161 885 5630. We’ve got a whole host of makes and models available, plus convertibles that are perfect if you’re looking forward to summer drives with the wind in your hair.