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The Nissan Juke launched in the UK on September 24th 2010 and remains popular with motorists ranging from the newly qualified right through to some of the most elderly drivers on the road - making it likely to be a popular pick for cartime's March 2017 Car of the Month.

It's three years since the Juke got a major facelift, back in 2014, and with rumours that the model could be set for another overhaul in the near future, it's the ideal time to bag a great deal on a used Nissan Juke from the current crop.

Since 2014 the Juke has offered a sporty exterior appearance with alloy wheels, an optional opening glass sunroof and 40% more luggage space than the previous incarnation.

More than a third of early-model Jukes sold were shipped with the top-of-the-range Tekna specification, which means there should be plenty of high-grade used Nissan Jukes still available today, with bargains to be found from lower in the range as well.

With leather trim on the top-end specs and a choice of seat fabrics and console/trim colours throughout the range, there should be a Juke to suit your tastes, however individual they may be.

One of the reasons we love the Juke so much is its sporty, fun personality - and Nissan have shown this again and again in their publicity stunts for the car.

For the model's fifth birthday back in 2015, they recruited British artist Owen Gildersleeve to produce a scale origami model of the Juke, a nod to its Japanese heritage and to the automotive design process too.

The model included over 2,000 individual pieces of paper, and took Owen over 200 hours to fold and piece together.

Record Breaker

And it doesn't stop there - the Nissan Juke is a record-setter too. It holds the record for the fastest time to cover a mile on only two wheels, and in December 2016 it added a new and unusual accolade to go alongside that qualification.

The car's most recent achievement - proving it is still in its prime - was a blind J-turn, a manoeuvre that involves driving backwards at high speed and then spinning the car through 180 degrees to continue forwards, all in as narrow a space as possible.

In the Juke's case, the vehicle - driven by stuntman Paul Swift - managed to spin from reverse to forward-drive between two painted lines just 18cm further apart than the length of the vehicle.

Most impressively of all, the move was completed with the windows blacked out, and using only the Juke's 360-degree parking assist cameras.

It shows that even if an overhaul is on the horizon, the current generation of used Nissan Jukes is likely to remain in demand for many years to come, as a popular compact crossover that continues to prove its worth, and a deserving recipient of our Car of the Month title for March 2017.

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