Main image for post: Mercedes C-Class named cartime's Car of the Month

Fall in love with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class at cartime this month as we have chosen this ever-popular model as our latest Car of the Month.

With prices starting from as low as £10,000 for C-Class models in good condition from 2011-12, and great Mercedes used car finance deals available, it's a surprisingly budget-friendly model that still looks fantastic on the road too.

Up at the top end of the range, there's also Mercedes car finance available on 2015-16 models at less than £25,000, if your budget will stretch to something a bit newer.

And, of course, you can save overall by paying cash outright and just driving away your new Mercedes C-Class there and then.

So what adds to the enduring appeal of the C-Class? The model was introduced back in 1993 as the entry-level Mercedes sedan at the time, officially designated the Mercedes W202.

By 1997 the A-Class was also launched, shifting newer C-Class models higher in the Mercedes hierarchy, and with its sleek exterior and comfortable interiors, the C-Class has never really felt like an entry-level car.

Newer generations launched in 2000, 2007 and then in 2014 the current W205 was released, keeping to a seven-year cycle of ground-up redesigns.

As usual with past generations, that means there are some amazing Mercedes car finance deals available on earlier models, especially those from 2011-13 designated W204.

It also means that Mercedes used car finance deals on the current W205 represent excellent value for money, with a likely 3-4 years left on the current generation before the next major update.

Great used car deals on diesel Mercedes

Confusion around the rules on diesel engines at the moment means that if you're better informed, you can cash in on even better finance deals on used diesel-engine Mercedes.

While it is true that the government is introducing higher road tax on more polluting diesel engines, this is only on newly registered cars - so at present, when you buy a used diesel Mercedes C-Class, you avoid paying the extra vehicle excise duty.

This model is often equipped with stop/start technology that cuts the engine when you come to a halt, for example at traffic lights, so you get a moment of zero engine noise, with reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption over the course of a journey - it all adds up.

We even have electric-diesel hybrids at the top end of our current stock, giving you an extra 10-15 miles to the gallon, although as always these are subject to availability and our stock changes all the time.

If you're interested in the Mercedes C-Class, we would recommend booking a test drive. It's a popular model which means good examples come and go all the time, so there's always something in stock.

A test drive is your chance to experience the Mercedes-Benz build quality and driving style for yourself - and we're confident that once you do, your admiration of the C-Class will turn into a love for life and prove us right in making it our Car of the Month!