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Matt Kay’s Car of the Month… It’s the Audi A3!

Robust yet refined, the Audi A3 is the ultimate all-rounder. This luxury hatchback has been a class-leader ever since it was launched back in 1996, offering a touch of class quite unlike any other.

Now in its third generation, this is a model that’s gone from strength to strength over the years. It’s a car that always strives to be better equipped, better looking and offer a better drive – which is probably why it continues to dominate the premium hatchback market with ease.

Why buy a used A3?

Simply because there is so much to admire about this car. The Audi A3 offers an unrivalled mix of superiority, economy and family practicality. It walks the tightrope between an executive and a hatchback, sitting head and shoulders above its supermini rivals.

Audi’s signature German engineering is apparent across all generations. On the outside, the A3 is a solid and extremely well-built car. As for the interior, the A3 has a simplistic, ergonomic feel that focuses on a remarkably high quality finish – there are luxury leathers and materials to be found in every corner.

So what sort of drive does the A3 offer?

The Audi A3 promises a comfortable, stable drive over anything particularly lively. While it’s not the sportiest hatchback on the market, it’s still a nippy little option - the 7.1 seconds it takes the 1.4 TFSI petrol to hit 62mph will certainly tick the boxes of any speed demons out there.

As for economy, it offers excellent running costs for a car of its size and quality. Depending on your needs and driving style, the choice is yours – as the range has bountiful options to choose from. For example, the second generation has a 1.6 litre diesel model that offers low enough CO2 emissions to get you under the tax-exempt 100g/km threshold. This car will also deliver an impressive 74mpg if you go easy on the gas.

If frugally powerful is more your thing, the 2.0 diesel third generation car offers up 44bhp more with minimal penalties in terms of fuel efficiency - a claimed 68mpg. This one’s the perfect combination of power and efficiency.

A class-leading, excellent all-rounder…

The Audi's safety record adds to the car's appeal for families, plus it offers great reliability thanks to its German roots. In a relatively competitive market, all of this puts it way ahead of its rivals in the premium hatchback market.

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