Main image for post: Get through the worst winter weather in a Used 4x4

When the worst winter weather sets in - whether it brings downpours of rain, ice-covered roads or snow drifts - the last vehicles to still make it through are usually the 4x4s, with their better traction and sturdy suspension.

Not everyone can afford a brand new production line 4x4, but with our fantastic selection of Used 4x4s you can get a model from just a year or two old, at amazing savings on the original list price, and most have never been driven off-road anyway.

Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport is top of many people's shopping list when looking for a Used 4x4, with prices around the £50,000 mark for models that rolled off the production line two years ago.

Low mileage models - the classic 'one careful owner' type - will cost a little more, but these vehicles are built to last so even if your budget means you choose one with slightly more miles on the clock, it should still be much more reliable than most other road cars of the same age and mileage.

Land Rover Discovery

From the same stable as the Range Rover Sport, but a slightly different pedigree, the Land Rover Discovery has some of the best visual styling you'll see on any Used 4x4.

It typically comes in at a slightly lower price point - saving you anywhere around £15,000 depending on the exact specifications of the vehicle - and offers plenty of interior luxury like heated leather seats, as you'd expect in an executive road car.

Audi Q3

Audi are not the first name to spring to mind when talking about Used 4x4s but the Audi Q3 is a firm contender for pride of place on your shopping list.

Priced similarly to the Land Rover Discovery, it offers quattro technology and steering wheel gear paddles for fast control without taking your hands off the wheel, plus with seven seats there's room for the family and potentially a few friends to come along for the ride of their life too.

Range Rover Evoque

The Range Rover Evoque, finally, sits alongside the Sport to provide a major headache for Range Rover fans when trying to decide which of the brand's Used 4x4s to choose; designed for urban use, it has looks to rival the Audi Q3 and even comes in a convertible body shape for top-down off-roading.

Best of all, at around £30,000 it's one of the cheaper Used SUVs - again depending on the precise age, driving history and specification - which might just tip the balance away from the Range Rover Sport and toward the Evoque when it comes to making your buying decision.

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