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Getting the best used car for your budget is about more than just the price displayed in the windscreen - although of course that is a good place to start.

But making the most of your used car budget also means factoring in the options for how to pay, the condition of the car, and all of the running costs you will need to cover in the future as well.

Used Car Finance Options

When you buy a used car on finance, you spread the cost of paying for a more prestigious or luxury model that you might otherwise not be able to afford.

Hire Purchase spreads your payments over a fixed number of months, with an initial deposit - and with interest-free deals, you won't end up paying more overall.

Personal Contract Purchase is a similar concept, but with the option to either hand the car back at the end, or pay a final instalment to own it outright.

Taxed and Tested

Road tax and repairs are some of the ongoing running costs of owning a car, but you can protect yourself against some of those costs.

Low-emission vehicles are charged a lower rate of tax, and you may even avoid paying road tax completely if your choice of vehicle is eco-friendly enough.

With cartime's 62-point mechanical check, you also know that only the highest quality cars make it into our forecourt stock, so there should be no expensive surprises when your MOT is due.

Part Exchange

Your current car could help you get an even better price on your next set of wheels, by part-exchanging it towards the value of your new car.

Don't worry if you still owe some finance on your car - we can allow for this and make sure you will settle the remainder when we give you the valuation of your vehicle.

Nearly New

Buying a used car doesn't mean compromising on the as-new condition of the bodywork, paint job and upholstery, and cartime are careful to make sure the cars we stock are free from dents, scratches and tears.

We repair any dented body panels, refresh the paintwork if needed, and will even go so far as to reupholster the interior if it's not up to standard.

This means when you buy a used car from cartime, you know you are getting a vehicle that will look as good on the road as the day it rolled off the production line.

Buy the Best

Taking all of the above into account, you will hopefully be able to make your budget go a bit further so that you can buy the best car you can afford.

A more prestigious car will have higher part-exchange value in the future, so it's an investment that will pay back, while better build quality will keep running costs down with fewer repairs.

For all of these reasons - and the comfort of driving a luxury used car with all the mod-cons - it's well worth checking cartime's current stock for the very best used cars on great finance deals.