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We've been at it again, helping people to knock down the price of their next used car in the Manchester Evening News. Don't believe us? Check out the article below!

Driving a hard bargain! How to negotiate the best deal when buying a used car

Haggle your way to a complete steal when shopping for your next set of wheels – it’s easier than you think.

Us Brits are a bashful bunch, and generally pretty reserved - particularly when it comes to money. But when buying a second-hand car, we all know that there’s usually room for a little leeway on the asking price… So how exactly do you knock ‘em down? Back in 2012, research from AutoTrader found that second-hand car buyers were a thrifty bunch, with the average person shaving £939 off the price of their purchase. According to the used-car selling site, men are better at negotiating than women - saving an average of £1,029 compared to female drivers' £706. Have the guys got the gift of the gab, or did they do their haggling homework? Nathan Coe, group director of Auto Trader, said: ‘Everyone knows buyers look at the state of the market before they purchase, but consumers have a lack of understanding about accurate pricing when it comes to selling. Sellers should do research through online valuation sites to prevent disappointment.’ Before you head for the showroom, arm yourself with the knowledge and confidence you need to take control of the sale. Make sure you're fully decided on the car you want and on your budget, then do some digging online. The What Car? ‘Target Price’ price is a good measure of vehicle value; you can search by make and model, or use to compare valuations. When you’re more clued up about the used-car market, go in with an offer at the lower end of the range. Then, let the seller negotiate you up to a price you’re both happy with. While it’s good to adopt a professional approach, stay polite and friendly – acting aloof will only dent your chances of getting a good deal. Remember, the better deal you get, the less money the seller will make when it comes to commission. If they like you, they’ll be more likely to give some ground. Director of Bury-based used car supermarket, cartime, Matt Kay said: “Buying a car is an enjoyable experience – and it becomes even more so when you build a rapport with the person you’re buying from. “Unfortunately, car salespersons have not always been known for their friendly, honest demeanour. cartime as a company is all about changing that – by offering our customers a relaxed, open environment in which they can shop for their next model. It really is a new way to buy a used car.” When you’re prepared, head for the forecourt to try out your powers of persuasion. cartime is located on Bell Lane in Bury; there you’ll find more than 400 prestige makes and models for you to choose from. Browse first on and when you’re ready, give the team a call on 0161 825 8448.