Main image for post: cartime Tim’s Top Tips for Lowering Car Costs!

Everyone loves saving money – including our old friend, cartime Tim. So much so, our very own animated amigo has compiled a list of the best ways to make buying and owning a car cheaper, with everything from getting yourself some 0% finance, to making sure your tyres are pumped up correctly!

Figures from the RAC show that it costs an average of £6,689 to own and run a car in Britain today – a whopping great amount! The following tips from Tim will help you buy and run a vehicle for a little bit less. After all, every little helps, right?

Getting the best finance deals

To buy a car as cheaply as possible, it’s vital to search out the best finance deals that are available to you. When it comes to used car finance, the lower the APR, the less the overall cost of the vehicle all together. The Holy Grail of finance is obviously 0%, but there are many different ways you can bring the costs down, by shortening the term or putting down a larger deposit – you can find out more about all of this by reading our handy guide to car finance. Once you’re ready, our car finance calculator can then help get you started, putting you on the best route towards purchasing your next car on a great value finance deal.

Keep an Eye on Fuel Consumption

There’s no point in bagging yourself a 0% finance deal if once you’ve bought the car you’re wasteful when it comes to fuel economy. This doesn’t have to be a challenge, and by taking a few small steps you’ll soon see a difference. Before you set off, check your tyres. They need to be pumped to the correct pressure and be in good condition – this will decrease drag and cut fuel consumption. At the same time, empty your boot. It might seem silly, but the lighter your car weighs, the less fuel it burns. When you’re in the car, switch off any unnecessary functions like air-con or heating, as these can drain the engine. Lastly, when you’re ready to hit the road, watch out for your driving style. The RAC figures show that you could cut fuel costs by as much as 30% if you avoid sharp acceleration or heavy breaking. Follow all these tricks and you’ll soon be paying less at the pumps.

Be Clever and Cut Car Insurance Costs

Everyone knows the importance of shopping around for cheaper car insurance. Much like our car finance calculator, there are many online tools that can help bring your premiums down. Opting for a higher excess or third party protection will save you money upfront, but beware of added costs in the long-run. You can also try ‘pay as you go’ policies if you don’t do much mileage, or are a new driver. Many new drivers also fit tracking devices to their cars, to monitor driving style – the more careful you are, the more your premiums will drop over time. This doesn’t just apply to new drivers; if you are a particularly careful driver, insurance trackers are worth looking into – and don’t worry, the insurance company fit them, so they’re minimal hassle.

Use a Reliable Service Centre

You’ve secured a great finance deal on a used car, got yourself a low-cost insurance quote and now you’re ready to hit the road. As a motorist you need to ensure that your car is well taken care of – by trained, qualified professional mechanics at a reputable garage. At cartime we have our own on-site Car Service Centre and a range of service packages that will suit any budget or needs – whether you bought from us or not, we’ll look after your car and make sure it’s in tip-top condition, all at the best possible price.

From securing your 0% finance from the get go, to keeping your foot off the accelerator, there are the insider tips that’ll keep your car costs down. Follow these, and you won’t break the bank – and pretty soon your dream used car will be an affordable reality.