Main image for post: We're Supporting CanCare: Boxer Robin Reid and Author Stuart Haworth Visit cartime

We recently welcomed ex-championship boxing star Robin Reid and his good friend Stuart Haworth to the cartime showroom, as the duo browsed our selection of Range Rover Sport and Evoques.

The pair were searching for the first in a fleet of cars for Stuart’s business, CanCare. Following his diagnosis of terminal cancer seven years ago, Stuart has been working hard creating CanCare, a socially led enterprise that offers peer-to-peer support for cancer patients.

CanCare: holistic treatment and cancer support

Stuart and his dedicated team have strategised a holistic treatment protocol that encompasses both clinical and complementary therapies. After doctors gave him just two years to live, Stuart has defied the odds by focusing on his fitness, nutrition, and mental and emotional health. He is living proof that it’s this approach that has allowed him to beat all clinicians’ prognosis.

Now, CanCare aims to bridge the gap in aftercare for patients, providing support in all areas including helping people come to terms with their diagnosis, diet, exercise, complementary therapies, outreach and volunteering.

Stuart’s inspirational and entrepreneurial spirit must run in the family, as his granddaughter Tamera is one of the UK’s youngest managing directors. She runs CanKids, helping children with cancer, visiting schools and giving talks to help raise awareness of the CanCare approach.

CanBox: helping patients get active

Robin Reid, Stuart’s close friend, is also part of CanCare, supporting the exercise branch of the scheme. He’s using his experience as a championship boxer to run CanBox, where he and his team will be offering coaching and training to cancer sufferers and encouraging them to get active against all odds.

Stuart says “My wish, through my own sad experience, is to help other cancer patients and the carers too. I have a strong will to live and survive, so I do everything in my power to ensure I am here to see tomorrow and feel the gift of love that is expressed by my loyal and unfaltering wife. The chance of another day in this world can never be overestimated.”

When Stuart and Robin arrived at cartime, our team quickly helped him find the ideal Range Rover Sport for the job. We’ll be helping them in the future too, as CanCare will need up to ten more cars in order to provide all its services and support.