Main image for post: BMW 4 Series takes our February 2017 Car of the Month title

The BMW 3 Series was - and still is - one of the great success stories of modern motoring, but against all odds the BMW 4 Series has proved to be a worthy successor, leading to sighs of relief from BMW aficionados and newcomers to the marque alike.

Like the 3 Series before it, the Coupe is probably the body shape that springs to mind for most people when the BMW 4 Series is mentioned, but there's also its larger sibling the Gran Coupe, offering a roomier interior and a sportier exterior, as well as a Convertible with a hard top for when you need to cover up.

Together they make a frankly stunning family of modern executive cars under one of the all-time celebrated brands, and a great alternative to Mercedes-Benz or Audi for professional motorists.

BMW 4 Series

The Look of Love

The aesthetic of the BMW 4 Series is literally a thing of beauty, with sleek lines that almost draw the car's aerodynamics in the air as it passes, and the interiors are equally elegant while offering that stereotypical German practicality as well.

BMW do this kind of design better than anyone, and even the Convertible manages to combine the distinctive front end of a Beemer with the summertime fun of top-down driving, which is no mean feat.

BMW 4 Series

Elegant and Efficient

The 4 Series is no compromise on performance and efficiency alike, as it offers some of the best-in-class figures for both.

Equip the M4 Coupe with the M Competition package and you get 450 horsepower in a vehicle with a low centre of gravity and almost perfect 50:50 weight distribution - making for an agile drive in the corners and plenty of power on the straights.

Alloy wheels and optional sports exhaust upgrades all complement this performance with visual and acoustic aesthetics to further enhance the effect your car will have as it passes by, making the BMW 4 Series a vehicle of envy for onlookers as well.

Vehicles with Value

Buy second-hand and you can find 4 Series BMWs with price tags of less than £20,000 and a registration plate less than five years old; go up towards £30,000 and you can expect to bag yourself a model just 1-2 years old, making this an excellent value for money used model.

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