Main image for post: Presenting October’s Car of the Month… BMW 3 Series

When it comes to buying a car, we’re all looking for the holy trinity of motoring. This is the perfect combination of attractive styling, driving thrill and a price that won’t make you want to take the bus. Sound too good to be true?

Top Gear’s Richard Hammond (or does he belong to Amazon now?) recently raised the question – “Is the BMW 3-Series the best car ever made?”. And for very good reason. He’s actually not the first person either, as BMW’s 3-Series is often described as one of the best compact executive cars ever… and the range just keeps on getting better.

BMW 3-Series – simply the best?

A few years ago, in order to tackle fierce competition from rivals like the Audi A4 and Jaguar XE, BMW gave the 3-Series a little facelift. Since then, its sharp forward-facing profile has become a familiar sight on UK roads – even more so than all those delightful average-speed checks.

As far as visual changes go, they’re pretty minor; but what’s important is what’s nestled under that pointy bonnet – an almost entirely new engine range. On the interior, you’ll find a bounty of brilliant upgrades. The cabin is more comfortable and airy, and the dash is a smorgasbord of exciting optional equipment.

Alas, even the older models are marvellous. In fact, the 3-Series has enjoyed a standing as a market-leading, budget-friendly car for more than 40 years. This model has truly set the standard for its class.

So how is it to drive?

The 3-Series offers exceptional driving; with smooth, supple handling that’s controlled yet still exciting – a tricky combo to nail. The steering is on a 3-Series is also delicately weighted and so responsive that you know exactly where you are with it at all times. Furthermore, its rear-wheel-drive layout gives it a great feeling of agility and security on the road.

This car is even, enjoyable and exhibits deftness in all it does. What’s more, BMW seems to have nailed the relationship between supple suspension and run-flat tyres. There’s no doubt that the Germans know how to build the best cars... And fortunately, we know how to source them second-hand.

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