Main image for post: 5 ways to buy a bargain car in the January sales

The New Year means there's usually a bargain to be found, and the car industry is no exception to this, with January sales and great deals to be found especially when you buy a used car, as this already makes your money go much further.

Here are five ways to buy a bargain car in the January sales, and make the most of what's on offer this winter season.

1. Part Exchange

You can usually get a better deal if you have an old car to part exchange - and you'll generally come out on top financially, compared with the hassle of selling your old car privately and then paying full price for your new one.

If you're trying to get out of a finance plan, that's possible too, and your part exchange offer will just be adjusted to allow for clearing any remaining debt on your current vehicle.

2. Hot Deals

Our Hot Deals are updated all year round, but they still offer great value in January, with further discounts on some of our best prices to give you even more choice within budget.

Eagle-eyed readers of our Hot Deals page itself will also spot an extra special offer when you buy any vehicle listed there - just hand over a print-out of the page and we'll throw in a free satnav.

3. Six Point Check

Our six-point check on all the cars we sell mean if you buy anything from us in January, it will have been through a mechanical onceover, an MOT and service, and a full valet clean over Christmas and the New Year.

Again, this is something we do on all vehicles, all year round, but with our 30-day feedback promise too, it gives you some extra peace of mind when buying a used car in the January sales.

4. Sell Your Car

We provide the six-point check on every vehicle we sell - and we can sell yours for you too, if you don't want to just part-exchange it.

We will put your car through the full service and valet described above, and sell it through our dealership, with the chance to get a higher price for it; alternatively if you want the money fast so you can buy your new car in the January sales, we can offer same-day payment if you sell it directly to us for us to sell on later.

5. Pay Later

If you want to buy in the January sales but you're still clearing the cost of Christmas, look for 0% finance deals - delay paying for five months and you'll have until the summer to get ready for your repayments to start.

This is a great way to bag a bargain at January prices without paying until June, and helps to spread the cost if you're feeling stretched in the first few weeks after Christmas and New Year.

So what are you waiting for? View our range of vehicles ( in stock or head down to our showroom today to bag yourself a deal of a lifetime.